Turn Your Martial Arts and Fitness Skills into a Highly Successful Home-Based Business

Start a MMA fitness and conditioning business at home in your garage.
MMA home gym ideas

Things are different now. The world has changed.  But, your passion for martial arts and fitness remains high.

Here’s what you do now:

There are definitely still opportunities to work at a gym and own a gym. Yet, there can be some big challenges such as rent, possible franchise fees, insurance, maintenance, employees, permits/licenses, and much more.  It can add up fast.  And, it can go into the thousands and even tens of thousands per month as an owner of a martial arts gym.

But, you have another powerful option….

You can work with clients at your home or their home.  In some cases, you can work outdoors, in a park, on the beach, etc.

Why would you want to do this?

The answer may surprise you.  First, you gain total control of your finances and your future. No more rent. No more franchise fees (if you had them). No more maintenance fees. No more employees. You also get additional tax benefits. You save time. You save money. You don’t put so many miles on your car. You can spend more time with your family.  It’s easier than you think!

teach martial arts from home

Let’s get this out of the way….

Regardless of your martial arts style, you can become successful working from your home.  WE RESPECT ALL MARTIAL ARTS STYLES.  Let’s state the obvious.  In general, we can all agree on the following. Wrestlers have powerful takedowns. BJJ players have solid submissions. Boxers have a crisp jab. Karate and TKD practitioners have fast movements and excellent footwork. Muay Thai fighters have the smashing leg kicks. Greco Roman wrestlers have strong clinches. Kung-fu fighters have smooth/relaxed movement. Judo practitioners can throw a person to the ground harder than just about anyone. You get the idea. In general, we can all agree that we can always learn something from another style. Respect!

So, there is something for everyone. And people like learning unique style, techniques and theories.  It’s great!  We believe each style can benefit from the training, certification and business system from the MMACA.  It’s time for you to combine your style with our world-class MMA Conditioning Coach Certification and complete business success system.

The same principles mentioned above are true for fitness and conditioning professionals.

Maybe you have a background in personal training, speed & agility training, kettlebells, battling ropes or similar.  You have skills that are transferable to martial arts fitness and conditioning. It’s likely you’ll need to fill in the gaps in your education with a specialized course in MMA Conditioning. You can always use our complete system to focus on the fitness and conditioning aspect of martial arts if you don’t have any specific martial arts training of your own.

UFC home workouts

(ABOVE) Corey Beasley is a world-renowned MMA conditioning coach and fitness expert. He’s a contributing expert to the MMACA and the co-developer of the Home Gym Profit Center, which we’re giving your FREE as part of the entire MMACA certification and business system. Corey has trained top-ranked (and world champion) fighters from UFC, Bellator, and other major organizations. He’s also trained numerous BJJ world champions.

What are we giving you?

When you enroll in the MMA Conditioning Association’s Certified MMA Conditioning Coach Certification program, you are getting the following:

  • A complete education and training system focused on training, conditioning, flexibility, sports psychology, diet, nutrition, injury prevention and physiology specific to martial artists
  • Complete Core Business Training System
  • Complete Online Coach Training System
  • Complete Home Gym Profit Center System
  • Professional Certification
  • Ongoing Support from the MMACA

how to do fitness training outside

So, how can you build a business from home?

First, you need to realize you have options on how you can/will work. You can build out your garage, basement, or spare room. You can train people in your front yard or back yard.  You can work with clients in the local park. You can go to the beach.  You have options.  All of them are at least 50% more profitable than owning a gym or working at a gym.

You don’t need a lot of equipment.  You need knowledge.

If you teach grappling, you need a mat. If you teach boxing, you need mitts and belly pad. If you teach other striking arts, you can add Thai pads and a kick shield.

If you have a lot of strength equipment, great.

If not, you can easily get started with a kettlebell, jump rope, resistance tubes, small dumbbells, a medicine ball and Swill ball.  We’ll show you how to do 200+ exercises with just these tools that cost a very small amount.

You can work with your clients in a wide variety of ways.

Here are some examples:

  • A 1-hour session can be 30 minutes of mitts or pads and 30 minutes of strength and conditioning
  • A 1-hour session can be just flexibility, meditation and mind-set training.
  • A 1-hour session can be 20 minutes of striking, 20 minutes of grappling, 20 minutes of strength training
  • A 1-hour session can be a circuit of strength, dynamic flexibility, striking, clinching, rolling and finish with breathwork.
  • A 1-hour session can consist of 20 minutes of power, 20 minutes of dynamic flexibility, 10 minutes of breathwork/meditation and the final 10 minutes to go over your client’s nutrition and lifestyle skills.
  • A 1-hour session can be 50% conditioning and 50% Sports Psychology Coaching

Of course, you can also work with clients online because we’re giving you a complete online coaching business system for FREE.

What about the business part of the program?

The core program of the MMA Conditioning Coach Certification gives you extensive business training.  In addition, you are getting the Online Coach Training System, which is another 30+ hours of business, marketing, sales, advertising, social media, video creation, production creation, video marketing, business success mindset, tax reduction and simplification, becoming an influencer and more. And, you are also getting the complete Home Gym Profit Center as our gift to you. This is another complete training system which shows you step-by-step how to convert your gym, spare bedroom, basement or back yard into a gym for working with clients. You also learn about working in a park and other outdoor locations.  You even get training on city/county compliancy and working with your homeowner’s association (if you have one).  Nothing is left out. You get it all.

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If you want to own a gym, or just work at one, we support that decision 100%.  And, our training program will help you become world-class at the gym of your choice.

If you have decided to go solo, keep more of your hard-earned money and build your own home-based martial arts fitness business, we give you everything you will need now and in the future.

There is no reason to delay your dream.

Take action right now. We support you each step of the way.

Get the training, education, certification and proven business system you need for success.

The world has changed.

Your time is now.

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