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Our Certified MMA Conditioning Coaches have trained some of the top fighters in the world including:  Rafael Dos Anjos UFC Champion, Alexander Gustafsson UFC, Michael Bisping UFC Champion, BJ Penn, 2 weight class UFC Champion, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis UFC Lightweight Champion, Sergio Pettis Bellator Champion, Tyron Woodley UFC Champion,  Cris Cyborg UFC/Invicta Champion, Dominick Cruz UFC World Champion, Ross Pearson UFC, Chris Leben UFC, Ed Herman UFC, Yushin Okami UFC, Phil Davis UFC & Bellator MMA, Nick Piedmont Bellator, Brandon Vera UFC Vet & One FC World Champion

Johnny Cisneros Bellator, Joe Taimanglo Bellator, Michael Chandler Bellator, Mike Guymon, UFC/IFL/Bellator, Matt Van Buren Gladiator, Ernest “EJ” Chavez UFC, Chance Recountre RFC, Mark Hunt UFC/K-1, Mike Swick UFC, Soa Hulk Palelei III UFC, Bob Sapp Bellator/K-1, Anastasia Yankova Bellator, Genah Fabio-so Rizin, Amirali Akbari UFC, Wang Sai OneFC, YuJen Jeff-Machine Huang ProFC/ONE FC, Glenn Sparv, Christian “The Beast” Aguilera UFC, Spike “Alpha Ginger” Carlyle UFC, Ian McCall UFC and many others!

Master the art and science of training the world’s Most Elite athletes

Mixed Martial Artists are some of the best examples of all-around athletes. While some athletes focus on speed and agility (e.g. baseball) and others focus on endurance (e.g. triathlon), Mixed Martial Artists are the complete package. Mixed Martial Artists need strength, skill, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility, quickness, and a mind that can think quickly with exactness.

Over the course of this program, you are going to learn the fundamentals through advanced knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies needed to be a successful Certified MMA Conditioning Coach.

This will empower you to optimize your athletes to their highest physical potential (whether they ever compete or not).

You will learn exactly how to properly assess your athletes, to understand their current strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn how to design and instruct their training based on the athlete’s current capabilities and goals.

Most importantly, you will learn the scientific principles which will form the basis of all the decisions you will make in your training. You will also receive a large, world-class library of effective drills and exercises to start integrating these principles right away.

MMA Conditioning Coach Certification

Professional Title

Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (CMMACC)

Course Duration

40+ hours of study (Easy-to-Follow)

100% Online

Open entry - Start now and complete the course work at your own pace.

Course Details

Training Science

Exercise Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

Muscular System, Skeletal System, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, and Endocrine System

Basic Biomechanics



Health Assessments, Fitness Assessments, Biomechanical/Movement Assessments, Cardiovascular Assessments, Metabolic Assessments, and Skill (MMA Specific) Assessments

Program Design Theory

Maximizing Performance

Minimizing Injury

Program Design Application

Program Design for Mixed Martial Artists Progression for Mixed Martial Artists

Safety and Injury Prevention

Nutrition Science

Sport Psychology

MMA Coaching Business

MMA Training Modalities

Traditional Training Techniques

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training, HIIT Training, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills (and more….)

Unconventional Training Techniques

TRX Suspension Training for Mixed Martial Artists, Sandbag Training, Heavy Ropes (and more….)

MMA-Specific Training Drills

Striking and Boxing Drills, Ground and Pound Drills, Muay Thai Kickboxing Drills, MMA-Specific Circuit training (and more….)

And Chuck Liddell’s favorite drills!

And much, much, more…..!


MMA Conditioning Coach FAQ's

Forty (40) hours of study is average. If you have extensive experience in martial arts and/or exercise science, you can likely complete certain aspects of the program more quickly. When you enroll, you will be given immediate access to the curriculum. Go at a pace that works for you.  You can always go back through the materials to review as much as needed.

No. The course is 100% online.

A FREE digital certificate is included with the course upon meeting the passing exam requirements.


Physical Certificate Policy:  North America students will receive a free physical paper certificate mailed within 3-4 weeks upon verification. Student’s living outside of North America will be required to pay shipping fees, if they choose to receive a physical paper certificate. Shipping fees and options will be provided upon meeting the passing requirements.

It is printed on high quality paper with YOUR NAME and the title of “Certified MMA Conditioning Coach.” It has all the official markings from the MMACA, official signatures and the official seal. It is worthy of being framed and hung on the wall.


Physical Certificate Policy:  North American students will receive a free physical paper certificate mailed within 3-4 weeks upon verification. Student’s living outside of North America will be required to pay shipping fees, if they choose to receive a physical paper certificate.  Shipping fees and options will be provided upon meeting the passing requirements.

No. In fact, we are going to give you a FREE NESTA membership when you register for the MMACA certification.

All fitness and martial arts businesses should have liability insurance. It is very affordable. If you are only teaching fitness and conditioning (with no combat), fitness professional insurance provides coverage. If you are teaching any martial art in conjunction with the fitness and conditioning, additional insurance may be needed. If you work as an employee at a gym, you will likely be covered under their policy.

You will want to enroll and benefit from this program. Our intent is to help traditional martial arts schools increase business and profits by offering MMA conditioning programs. We also have many Krav Maga schools who are working with the MMACA. Thirty-three percent of all members come from traditional martial arts backgrounds.

Students are accepted from around the world. Due to the advanced (and easy-to-use) online learning system, you will complete your studies at your own pace, at a time of the day that works best for you. Lessons do not require you to watch, read or listen at any specific time.

NOTE: Our parent association, NESTA, has graduates from over 65 countries. There are now Certified MMA Conditioning Coaches in over 30 countries. You can be next!

Your MMA Conditioning Coach Certification is the perfect complement to these types of programs. You may find some similarities and many differences. You will find that some exercises are done in a new way (frequency, technique, intensity). You will also learn dozens of new workouts that are never taught in these types of programs. When you add MMA conditioning to these business models, you will also double (or more) your income options.

This depends in numerous variables. If you have an existing martial arts school (but no equipment), it could be $200 – $800. If you have an existing business like Crossfit or personal training, you may not need any additional equipment. If you have a traditional fitness center, you may need to invest in specialized equipment ($300- $1,200). Or, you may already have all that is needed. There are endless ways to conduct your business, and decide what equipment you will use. As for start-up expenses such as a website, business cards, etc, this also varies quite a bit. If you have an existing fitness or martial arts business, the costs may be zero to get started. It’s just a matter of redesigning and changing your offerings. Using free tools such as Facebook, Facebook Live videos, Instagram, YouTube, etc, allows you to grow your following quickly at zero cost. REMEMBER: We give you a very comprehensive business and marketing system for in-person and online coaching/training.

There are several benefits. First, you create a brand new revenue stream. Second, you will have skills that few other fitness trainers understand. Third, you can offer “MMA formatted” conditioning workouts in a group setting and increase your income. Fourth, you will be the “IT” trainer because of your cutting-edge techniques, business, and skills. You will become a standout!

No.  Although you will learn a volume of information about training high level amateur and pro fighters, much of the program is also dedicated to beginner martial arts athletes, as well as those individuals who just want a great unique, high-level workout. Program design is a big component of the curriculum. 

We define coaching as providing guidance, motivation, leadership, mentorship and support. We define training as the development and implementation of the physical conditioning program. The MMACA will teach you both. They need to work together.

You have endless options. The MMACA is recognized all over the world as THE leader in martial arts fitness and conditioning education. Many of our graduates operate their own successful gyms, clubs and dojos. Others have businesses that coach people one-on-one, in small groups, large groups, in camps, at clinics, at workshops and even seminars.  Others work with clients around the world offering online coaching. 

We’re also pleased to announce that UFC GYM is hiring our Certified MMA Conditioning Coaches and the NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainers.

Industry Approvals

The MMA Conditioning Coach training program is approved and recognized by these leading fitness organizations:

NASM approved for 1.9 CEUs

ISSA approved for 20 CEUs


NESTA approved for 4.0 CEUs

MMA Conditioning Coach

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