MMA Coach Business Ideas: How You Will Benefit by Becoming a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach

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Funk Roberts

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If you are a former or current MMA competitor, MMA coach, or MMA gym owner, you will want to read the rest of this page. You are about to learn why you have likely been missing out on substantial income opportunities, as well as the most cutting-edge science to improve fighter performance. And, without learning how to facilitate profitable MMA fitness and conditioning classes, you have been missing out on increased monthly income.

Let’s talk about your current reality

You have worked hard to get where you are now, really hard. You’ve put in the hours on the mat and the ring. You have gone through the pain. And, you may have thought at this point in your career, you would have a little more. Maybe you think you should be able to make more money with a little less effort.


So, what are you to do?

You will now want to implement a specific MMA strength, fitness, and conditioning classes or programs in your gym.  


You can add better, more effective, and fun exercises and drills to your regular classes when you learn how. Your students and business benefit.

Another way to have more fun with your career and make more money each day is to offer an MMA conditioning circuit class. You have options.  You can use simple equipment (balls, bands, pull-up bar, etc.).  You can also do plyometrics, dynamic flexibility, and balance work. If you have more room, more equipment, or a bigger budget, you can add kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells, barbells, tires, etc.

Remember, you can offer specific fitness and conditioning classes (with an MMA focus) to people who otherwise would not train in martial arts.  Some people just want an intense workout without the thought of combat or perceived danger.  That may not make sense to you yet. But, remember this “YOU ARE NOT YOUR CLIENT. ”  It’s essential to determine how THEY are thinking about your offering.  This type of class is an excellent solution for the parents of your kid students. Instead of the mom or dad dropping off their kids or sitting in your chairs next to the mat, you can be marketing an MMA fitness weight loss and body transformation class to them.

So, you may be thinking...

“Why would I want or need the MMA Conditioning Coach Certification.”

Think about it...

You have a captive audience of parents. Their kids rave about your programs. You have a captive audience (parents sitting and waiting for the kids to finish).  Market to these people. Invite them to your new program. And, we also give you a complete business training system to help you succeed.  You will know how to grow your business, streamline operations, and make more money.

Here’s why you will want and need this professional credential:

  1.  You will join the ranks of our world-class certified coaches who have trained numerous UFC, Bellator, and OneFC champions.

  2.  You will learn much more than you know now because we have assembled leading experts in a wide range of martial arts in addition to exercise science, biomechanics, kinesiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology, flexibility, personal training, group exercise, injury prevention, circuit training, kettlebells, battling ropes, Olympic lifting, powerlifting and more.  All of this detailed information is presented in a step-by-step and easy-to-follow format.

  3. Even though you are a qualified martial arts instructor, we assure you that you will learn A LOT about performance, business, and personal success you will need to reach the top.

  4.  Your students will feel confident in your abilities and even brag to others about their coach (you).  Think about it…. Aren’t you impressed when you know someone has a specific accomplishment, credential, belt, or comes from a particular lineage? Your students and members will feel the same way about you.

Your pending income opportunities

Adding a MMA Conditioning Boot Camp

Per Hour

20 people per class at $20 per class = $400/hr

Monthly Recurring Model

Offer 3 classes per week. 50 people paying $120/month = $6,000/month

One-on-One Coaching

MMA strength and conditioning: $50-$90/hour

Other considerations: gaining student retention and increased referrals when you include some additional MMA conditioning drills in your regular martial arts classes.

 That must be worth thousands a month.

What to expect

After you complete your registration, you will gain immediate access to the program. You will
be given clear, simple, and easy-to-understand instructions.  You’ll go through the materials at
your own pace (in between classes, in the evening, on the weekend, etc.). Once you complete your studies, you will take your online exam to earn your certification.  Then, you will access the remainder of the materials in the MMACA library, such as your business training and extensive bonus education from the world’s leading experts on martial arts business, fitness, and conditioning. 


It's Your time to Join The Best Coaches in the World!

You already have knowledge and skills. You need specific skills you don’t yet have to help more people, become an even better coach, and make more money. You can only get the necessary skills in one place, the MMA Conditioning Association.

Are you Ready?

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