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chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell an icon in the world of MMA. His career and stats with MMA stand alone for his dedication and determination to be “the Best.” He was trained by the best, and later, he trained some of the greatest fighters in MMA. Now it is your turn to learn from the best.

Chuck’s Background….

The articulate, soft-spoken competitor worked to develop his skills, ultimately making his octagon debut on May 15, 1998.  By this time, his persona was that of a talented, confident challenger. With his Mohawk tattoo on his scalp that reads “Koei-Kan” a horseshoe mustache, and penetrating stare, he was judged a fierce contender.


The Iceman was trained in multiple disciplines which, when combined during fights, made him unstoppable. He was a submission defense specialist, which required the referee to stop fights on many occasions.


He is world known for being the first UFC fighter to have a 7 fight KO winning streak. Chuck has the most knockouts in the Light Heavyweight division -10, most knockouts in Light Heavyweight title bout -5, most Light Heavyweight division knockdowns -14, and the most Light Heavyweight knockdowns in a title fight -7.

During his career, Chuck accumulated stats that were unmatched for years as a top-ranked UFC Light-heavyweight Champion, making him a legend for his skills, motivation, and integrity.  He had 23 fights in the UFC and amassed a following which helped him in bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment. On July 10, 2009, he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Chuck and the MMACA….

Chuck is a fierce competitor and is passionate about being the best. He knows and respects the science of performance. When he reviewed the MMA Conditioning Coach program, he appreciated the scientific foundation on which all the training was built.  While he acknowledged it was a great program, he knew that with his decades of experience, competing in the highest levels of the sport, he has a lot to offer.  


Not only did Chuck add some of his favorite drills to the program, he also sat down with MMACA VP, Scott Gaines M.S., Ph.D. to break down the specifics of each drill that really make the difference, how to be a better coach, and how to progress and regress the exercise depending on the athlete.


After you register, you will learn why Chuck was one of the greatest of all time. You will become a better coach with Chuck as one of your instructors.

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