Become A Certified MMA Conditioning Coach with the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association

The MMA Association (MMACA) was developed to bridge the gap between sports conditioning science, MMA training methods, and direct application from the ring, octagon, mat or cage.


The training principles are also easily applied to the fitness enthusiast who wants an intense and effective MMA workout.


The MMACA also provides you with a complete step-by-step business and career blueprint for your financial success. You can live the lifestyle, and earn what you are worth.  We give you the blueprint.

NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) which was established in 1992, launched its new division, the MMA Conditioning Association in 2010, with the lofty goal to be the leader in strength and conditioning education and certification for mixed martial arts coaches – globally.


Fast forward to today. Our certified coaches have trained numerous UFC champions, Bellator MMA champions, 1FC champions, judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu champions and numerous other champions in collegiate wrestling, boxing, karate and other combat sports. We include modern technology and strategies while honoring and embracing the fundamentals which have proven to be successful regardless of the era of the sport.

Our Certified MMA Conditioning Coaches have trained some of the top fighters in the world including:

Rafael Dos Anjos UFC Champion, Alexander Gustafsson UFC, Michael Bisping UFC Champion, BJ Penn, 2 weight class UFC Champion, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis UFC Lightweight Champion, Tyron Woodley UFC Champion,  Cris Cyborg UFC/Invicta Champion, Dominick Cruz UFC World Champion, Ross Pearson UFC, Chris Leben UFC, Ed Herman UFC, Yushin Okami UFC, Phil Davis UFC, Nick Piedmont Bellator, Brandon Vera UFC Vet & One FC World Champion, Johnny Cisneros Bellator, Joe Taimanglo Bellator, Michael Chandler UFC/Bellator, Mike Guymon, UFC/IFL/Bellator, Matt Van Buren Gladiator, Ernest “EJ” Chavez UFC, Chance Recountre RFC Mark Hunt UFC/K-1, Mike Swick UFC, Soa Hulk Palelei III UFC, Bob Sapp Bellator/K-1, Anastasia Yankova Bellator, Spike “The Alpha Ginger” Carlyle UFC, Genah Fabio-so Rizin Amirali Akbari UFC, Wang Sai OneFC, YuJen Jeff-Machine Huang ProFC/ONE FC, Glenn Sparv and many others!

Our mission

It is our mission to develop the world’s best conditioning coaches for all combat sports, develop high performance athletes, reduce training injuries, help develop the MMA industry; bring MMA training principles to the general fitness enthusiast, and to provide MMA fitness and conditioning coaches like you with a secure financial future.


Why we developed the MMACA

It’s time!


In 648 B.C., the Greeks introduced the sport of Pankration into the ancient Olympic Games.


The word Pankration is a combination of two Greek words, pan, meaning “all,” and kratos, meaning “powers.” This new word was very fitting for what was a fighting style using all available techniques.


Fast forward to 1993 with the formation of the UFC and the awakening of the importance of solid ground fighting skills.


In the 16 or so years since the inception of modern MMA, we have learned how essential it is to properly blend some fundamental styles of martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wresting, Judo, Sambo and others). During these years of learning and development, there has always been a lack of formalized training and conditioning from a scientific perspective. There have been too many training injuries, fights lost due to poor conditioning, dehydration, lack of flexibility, and a lack of understanding of the “science” of the body.


The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) was developed to bridge the gap between sports conditioning science, MMA training methods, and direct application for the ring, octagon or cage.


As a “Certified MMA Conditioning Coach” you will be taught the following: Exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology and conditioning program design (all as it pertains to MMA). In addition, you will also learn Olympic weightlifting techniques, powerlifting techniques, bodyweight exercises, TRX, and kettlebell training specific to MMA. And, finally, you will learn the most effective and proven sport-specific conditioning drills for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, K1 and others.


And, if this wasn’t enough, you will also be taught the most effective ways to develop a successful career as a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach. You will learn free and low-cost marketing to get clients fast. We will also teach you how to run training camps, clinics, and highly profitable one-on-one MMA conditioning programs, and so much more.

Are you Ready?

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