MMA Conditioning Association Inner Circle

Your MMA Conditioning Coach Certification is just the beginning of your benefits with the MMA Conditioning Association. You also receive FREE Lifetime access to the MMACA Inner Circle.

The MMA Conditioning Association Inner Circle is your exclusive online continuing education and MMA business development community. As part of your MMA Conditioning Coach Certification and Professional Membership, you get exclusive access to cutting edge training and conditioning information that is only available through the MMACA Inner Circle. In addition, Dr. John Spencer Ellis will personally coach you on beginner to highly advanced business and marketing for your MMA fitness and conditioning business.

You will also enjoy in-depth exclusive interviews with experts such as UFC referee and MMA Conditioning Association member, Mario Yamasaki

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After you complete your core curriculum in 30 days, you are then given access to the Inner Circle. In the Inner Circle, you will receive the following:

  • Interviews with the world’s most influential people in the sport of MMA and martial arts fitness
  • New MMA conditioning drills on video
  • New boxing drills
  • New striking drills
  • NEW MMA and fitness web site reviews
  • New MMA business opportunities exclusive to our members
  • New ground and pound drills
  • New flexibility training programs
  • New strength and conditioning drills
  • New MMA sports nutrition information
  • New sports psychology techniques for top performance
  • New audio interviews with the world’s leading experts on MMA training, conditioning, nutrition and fighting
  • New monthly ads to grow your MMA conditioning business (easy to customize for your niche)
  • New MMA business lessons, strategies and tactics from Dr. John Spencer Ellis
  • New social media methods to get more clients for FREE

MMA strength trainingYou also get 100% access to our Inner Circle Member Discussion Forum. This is where you connect, comment, discuss, learn, network and grow your MMA business.

Each month, the content of the Inner Circle will be released to you so you can quickly and easily apply your new knowledge and business skills. This isn’t just fluff! You will have exclusive access to the best minds, techniques and strategies in the world of MMA.

There is just too much information to fit it all into your certification program. As part of the MMACA Inner Circle, you will be the first in the world to get the latest MMA training research and MMA business opportunities.

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