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Julio Martinez with UFC veteran Karo "The Heat" Parisyan

My name is Cesar Martinez.  Since becoming a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach through MMA Conditioning Association, I began to train some MMA fighters and a wrestler. Both have promising careers, and have improved greatly through my training, by applying much that I learned through this course. I have expanded my knowledge of biomechanics, sports specific training and how to maximize my clients’ performance. The courses were very challenging, but easy to follow. I was a law enforcement officer for 15 years, and pursuing my other passion through MMA has given me much deeper meaning and appreciation for the sport and everyone involved. My plan is to train many of the elite MMA fighters, but any person who I train will receive the same quality of professionalism and instruction from me.  Thank you for this great course and great opportunity.

Julio Cesar Martinez
Mexico City, Mexico
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martial arts group fitness class

Since becoming a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach through the MMA Conditioning Association, I have started training in Muay Thai, BJJ and Krav Maga. In the past year alone, I have received my Blue Shorts in Muay Thai, ranked up to P2 in the IKMF system of Krav Maga and will be grading for 2 stripes on my white belt this week in BJJ. Earning the title of MMA Conditioning Coach from the MMACA has definitely given me more confidence to approach instructors and academies to offer my services. Most recently, I approached a well-known Canadian Grappling Tournament to set up a massage booth at their tournament (as I am also training in Thai Massage), and having the title of Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (from the MMACA) in my bio gave me instant credibility and the promoter gave me the green light. This has been a huge win for me as I am able to be aligned with a very professional and established brand and get in front of my ideal clientele.

Within the last year I have rebranded myself and started my own Company/Brand, Instinctive Performance, to bring together my personal passions of martial arts and professional training in Fitness, Nutrition and Therapeutics (Thai Massage). The training received through the online MMACA certification is above and beyond 90% of any other online certifications. But the real gold has been in the ongoing training from the inner circle. For $17/month, it’s been well worth it to keep my membership going to keep receiving new content as well as the opportunity to review any past material I may want to review. Not to mention the fact that they offer additional certifications for FREE to inner circle members!

After becoming certified through the MMACA, I have also been able to achieve one of my main goals this year, to become a Course Conductor for Fitness Kickboxing Canada, where I can teach other fitness professionals. As a coach I love to teach, and this opportunity allows me to blend my passions of Martial Arts, Fitness and Teaching together. Currently I teach the Functional Training Certification through Fitness Kickboxing Canada. And I’m certain having “MMACA Certified Conditioning Coach” on my resume helped me secure this position.

Being an MMACA Conditioning coach has helped me program and incorporate MMA conditioning drills into my boot camps and group training sessions, which my clients love! They love pounding the bags and getting their frustrations out at the end of a session. Sure you can just punch, kick or pound a bag, but the training received in MMA Conditioning Coach Certification teaches you authentic techniques so you can pass this knowledge on to your clients to ensure they perform the techniques safely and efficiently. This is also useful to you, if you are training in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ or boxing as the drills will help YOU become a better athlete too. I know this is definitely the case for me as I can practice the drills at home on my own when I can’t make it to class.

Ryan Couri
Director, Instinctive Performance

Doug Balzarini with with Brandon Vera, Travis Browne, Dominick Cruz, and Phil Davis

I’m the strength and conditioning coach for the UFC World Champion!

“Since completing my MMACC certification with MMACA, I make it a point to visit the ‘Inner Circle’ website on a weekly basis. It has become one of my go to places for on-going education. It is a great resource for me to continue to learn more about this ever-evolving industry. I really enjoy all the teleclasses, the various topics added every month, and the forum. Even if you don’t want to add posts on the forum, it is a great place to go to read, learn, and interact with like-minded coaches.”

Doug Balzarini, Conditioning coach for UFC World Champion Dominick Cruz

Christina M Baldwin with Manny Pacquiao

“I can’t thank you guys enough for providing me with an opportunity to become Certified MMA Conditioning Coach. This cert has certainly opened some doors for me, and not only am I training professional athletes now, I have entered into an exciting mix of fighters, actors and celebrities from all over the world. To top it off, I have had the priviledge of learning by observing elite boxers like Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan train who with the world renown boxing trainer, Freddie Roach. Currently, I am the Athletic Trainer for Pro Boxer and former Golden Gloves Champ, Andrae Carthron, as he makes a comeback from a long lay-off. We train out of WildCard Boxing Gym in Hollywood owned by Freddie Roach. Despite having to take crap from some of the guys because I’m a woman, I STILL LOVE THE FIGHT GAME!!! I have recently been licensed as a boxing manager..so the guys can kiss my ______! :)”
Christina M. Baldwin, MMA CC
Master Trainer

MMA coach

“Thanks for this opportunity. The MMACA has been priceless for me. The information and knowledge I have and continue to gain is incredible. I don’t understand why every MMA conditioning coach, trainer and gym owner is not a part of MMACA. With the knowledge of how to train MMA athletes you gain, It’s a no brainer! You can take that to the bank”

Funk Roberts, MMACA Member and Coach

Because of the MMACA, I am a writer with Sherdog, I have sponsors, and I’m even living in Thailand for a while training at a top camp while staying involved in MMA and fitness around the world.” – Cameron Conaway

John Davis“I can not express how glad I am that I took MMACC course. I was totally surprised at how in depth this course is. This course has in my words the highest level of teachers and coaches I have ever had. By saying that, I fell I can explain to my clients in a clear and better understanding. Of why we need to do this or that. I can go on and on….totally satisfied.”

John H. Davis, Jr. PFT, North Judson, IN, johnspersonaltraining.com

Corey Dissin“As a self-professed MMA super-fan and owner of an established fitness motivation business with over 70 clients, I thought I had everything figured out. Participating in the MMACA course proved John’s mantra that ‘you should forever be a student,’ with 30 days of intense, comprehensive instruction, and plenty of new concepts and techniques to learn. I have already begun to apply what I’ve been taught and it’s paying dividends with my clients. I am stoked as I imagine how this unique new credential will impact my company in the future. This certification is a must-have for any fitness professional looking to separate themselves from the competition.”

Corey Dissin Pottstown, PA trainwithcorey.com

Rob Mosier“I am extremely impressed with the depth, breadth and presentation of the MMACA. The integration of the in-depth written materials, the concise video lessons and detailed videos demonstrating highly relevant and innovative MMA focused drills makes for a leading edge training program for the conditioning of the MMA athlete. Great thought, time and attention have not only been put into the materials, but also into the analysis of the MMA athlete and the unique strength and conditioning requirements of these top level athletes. The MMACC delves into the physiological, biomechanical and anatomical sciences and instructs on how to condition the MMA athlete to perform at his or her greatest mechanical and physiological efficiency to maximize performance. The course also addresses the mental and psychological demands placed on the MMA athlete, how to maximize the athlete’s learning environment, nutrition, mental activities and other highly relevant topics. This course is a must take for anyone interested in or currently involved in the conditioning of the MMA athlete.”

Rob Mosier Owner, LA Boxing, Lake Forest, CA laboxinglakeforest.com

Adam Higson“I’ve been a professional thaiboxer/boxer and been involved with martial arts for almost twenty years. When i started coaching/training, I didn’t want to be limited to teaching just kickboxing/boxing to our clients. I wanted to be taken serious as a fitness consultant. It is only in the last few years that I have been showing my knowledge of the arts to my clients.

When we received the news of the MMACA certification, I begged, bugged and almost harassed my boss on a daily basis to see if he would e-mail you in the Inner Circle to get me started early! When the day came to register, I jumped on it, and if i’m not one of the first guys on your list to register than the internet universe is more amazing than i could have thought!

while I am nearing my completion of this course, I wanted to express my upmost thanks for the in depth knowledge that was made available to all of us that registered.

The last thing i wanted to share with you is that I run my own Thai boxing gym in the north end of Hamilton. It was been something I invested in when I knew my fighting carrier was winding down. It has allowed me to teach my art to people and allow them an easier time in learning the art, something i was not afforded when I was coming up through the ranks. What is amazing is while doing this course, I was thrilled to see that I was doing some of these drills and following these philosophies already and doing so in a safe manner! I look forward to continuing learning from you and following THE RIGHT path in the proper education of MMA conditioning and fitness education.”

Adam Higson



Dr Rick Kattouf“MMACA is an amazing program and a true must-have. I am thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, etc.; the exact tools necessary for world class coaches. Specialization is one of the main keys for business success and it will separate you from everyone else; MMACA delivers just that. Becoming a certified MMA Conditioning Coach is one of those great specialties to add to your coaching practice. MMACA is the gold standard for MMA and fitness coaches. Dr. John Spencer Ellis continues to raise the bar for fitness certification programs. I truly appreciate John’s passion and energy for health and fitness!”

Dr. Rick Kattouf II

Host of Rx Nutrition DVD

Author of Forever Fit

CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf, Inc.


Darrin Walton“As soon as I was made aware of the MMACA certification with its ties to NESTA, Dr. John Spencer Ellis and Scott Gaines, I knew that it was going to be the program that I had been looking for. To my surprise, it has been beyond what I had imagined in comprehensive materials and video lectures………. Damn, I felt like I was back in college working a job, personal training clients, teaching martial arts and studying…whoow!!

The way this certification is laid out and presented has rekindled my love of kinesiology, anatomy, bio-mechanics and most of all, the reason I dig on training people, to watch them break through barriers they thought they couldn’t and experience result they have never had.
If you are a fitness professional, and are serious about being the best and having the most cutting edge training information anywhere at your finger tips, MMACA is the choice hands down!”

Darrin Walton
A Warriors Way Martial Arts & Fitness
Boise, Idaho

Catherine King“I was pleasantly surprised by the MMACA. Initially I heard about it through TRX and Anthony Carey, which in my mind, added a lot of credibility to this strength coach certification. I am a certified National Strength and Conditioning Association Personal Trainer and a 4th year Human Kinetics student at the University of British Columbia. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 6 years and I have been a martial artist for over 10 years. With the high levels of education and experience I have, I did not expect to learn anything new, but I did. The video lectures are great and I think the detail in the videos on lifting techniques is superb. The additional topics section on postural analysis by Anthony Carey is a fantastic bonus. This is a good course with great information.”

Catherine King
West Coast ConditioningVancouver, BC

Brian Ruscio“I’ve been in combat sports and gyms all my life. I always trained myself for foundational strength and movements specific to wrestling, striking, and other arts. I’ve also seen “martial art specific” pt programs through other certifications. But I never had the confidence that they would teach me better than I already knew. Enter Martin Rooney… If you are not involved in MMA or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you probably haven’t heard the name. He has trained MMA fighters since very early in it’s inception. His participation, and this alone, gave me the confidence to check out the MMACA. And they did not dissapoint! I improved my knowledge and have already implemented parts into my own training. Armed with this, I cannot wait to start improving the entire sport of mma one athlete at a time!”

Brian Ruscio
MMA Training Systems

Christopher D. Merritt“The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach certification has been an amazing experience from day one. In my opinion, the injury prevention aspect is only briefly touched on by a lot of fitness professionals/programs/certifications. The attention to detail exhibited through the videos by Scott Gaines really put an interesting and informative twist on the presentation of the material. Even with a degree in Kinesiology from The Pennsylvania State University, a certification in personal training from the National Strength Professionals Association, and more than six years professional experience, the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Asociation program brings not only a new perspective on scientific foundations, but a multitude of invaluable information on athletic interaction and business/professionalism/networking. Working with the MMACA will not only educate you to work with your current and future clientele, but it will open the doors to expand your business to all new levels.”

“Now, I train a number of professional and amateur MMA fighters. My longest standing fighter is the current Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat Bantamweight Champion, Dustin “The Disciple” Pague. He is in the process of signing with the all-new super management team, Suckerpunch. If you are unfamiliar, look into it! It is practically a monopoly on the management side of MMA. Three of the biggest managers have JUST combined forces.”

Christopher D. Merritt

B.S. Kinesiology, Penn State University

Beyond Strength Performance


Northern Virginia/DC

Jason C Brown“It’s been over a decade now since I’ve started training combat athletes. I’ve seen some great programs and I’ve seen some horrible programs. The MMACA certification is an outstanding program that simply stands head and shoulders above the rest. From day one you’re given comprehensive educational materials that are based on sound sport science and not myth or tradition. These are the new rules of combat sports conditioning and every conditioning professional should strive to attain this credential. I have a B.S. in Kinesiology and a CSCS, so I was delighted to see actual science being applied to MMA conditioning. But the beauty of your program is that everyone, regardless of their educational background can and will benefit if they apply the knowledge and resources you provide.”

Jason C. Brown BS CSCS



Brian Silfies“Don’t miss this Opportunity! This is awesome! if you have been a student of strength and conditioning, you will be challenged and excited to see the people involved in this certification. I feel rejuvenated and totally pumped to get back in to work after every day of studying and learning new techniques. Also having John as a personal business coach, wow, that is a huge added bonus and the life lessons in here are incredible too. I’m telling you signup now!”

Brian Silfies CSCS, USAW Sports Performance Coach, TPI Cert.

One2One Fitness,
Concord, NH


Ed Murray“For me this course has truly been a super charge for my creative juice. The education is complete with something for those who may not have had access to basic fitness training instruction while being innovative enough to satisfy seasoned professionals. I am very grateful to you all at MMACA for offering this program. I feel that I have definitely received something of extreme value and will use it to continue to improve the quality of life for my clients. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing.”


Skokie, IL


Toby LeungAs an anatomist and neuroscientist, a physician in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Biomechanics and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine), who instructs and supervises physical and occupational therapists and exercise physiologists, and sub-specializing in Sports Medicine, Occupational Health, and Interventional Pain Management, in addition to martial arts training since I was 5 years old, not unexpectedly most of the content of the MMACA conditioning coach course was a basic review for me: an easy, but rather good review in exercise science, covering basic anatomy and physiology along with the application of biomechanics and physiology to maximize exercise performance.

Nevertheless, assessment of both the MMA sport and individual client was covered quite well, along with fundamental concepts of program design and training instruction. The nutrition section was basic, yet concise, easily and readily applicable to assist your current clients immediately. What really stood out for me was the variety of specific MMA training drills that could be adopted and applied to your clients or martial arts students today. For example, Juliano Prado did an excellent job explaining the basics of the ground game and going over warm up drills for wrestling and grappling. Visual and verbal technical explanations of some of the key points pertinent to specific exercises, such as the squat, deadlift, and bench press are going to be invaluable for practically any trainer. Presentations on aerobic and anaerobic energy systems were also concise and readily applicable for cardiovascular training.

In addition, Martin Rooney presents and illustrates additional general strength and conditioning exercises along with sports-specific training exercises for the MMA athlete. The MMA business presentation by Dr. John Spencer Ellis was an introduction, but extremely well-done, providing very insightful and useful information that stimulates the student’s imagination and creativity about future business potentials and opportunities. Dr. Ellis shared many fine business marketing tips.

In summary, students can get what they put into it, and if they study the materials that are provided in a variety of formats, the students can get alot out of this 30 day course – well worth the course tuition. I really look forward to the future content from my membership within the Inner Circle.

Good luck,

Tobey Leung, MD, MS