Introducing a new breed of fitness athlete: the martial athlete

As a fighter and combat sports nut, I am pleasantly surprised to have seen an evolution in the fitness industry as a whole as of late and have been watching people’s perceptions change right before my very eyes.

Being involved in the fitness industry on many levels here in the UK, my wife Athena and I have noticed many changes and one of these trends is the moving away from the body builder physique to a more aesthetically pleasing, fitness model look. Couple this with the rise in popularity now of fight sports besides boxing, more and more people are being exposed to a new breed of fitness and athlete and I wanted to share my insights and explore the implications of this, not only for fighters but for the general fitness market and industry as a whole.

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Coaching Middle Aged Clients with Martial Arts

I love training clients of all ages.  It’s especially rewarding when you train someone who is committed and
pays well.  But sessions have to be exciting for both the client and trainer to really keep the relationship going for a long time.  I have found that teaching martial arts to the forty five to sixty five year old group can be a solution to having a bigger bank account and happy referring clients.

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5 Simple Exercises to Build Strength from Head to Toe for MMA Athletes

MMA requires a variety of skill, strength and conditioning. Fighters need to be quick on their feet,

powerful on the takedowns, and strong on the ground. This can take its toll on any athlete, so its

important to build a strong foundation in order to stay ahead of your competition. Here are 5 of my

favorite exercises to build stronger fighters.

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3 Exercises to Bulletproof your Core, Hit Harder and Perform at Your Best | MMA Fitness & Conditioning

MMA is demanding sport that requires multiple skill sets, speed, strength, power and the endurance to last for up to 5 X 5 minute rounds.   One of the most important areas to focus on is your CORE.  Every kick, punch and other movement transfers through the core or depends on the trunk’s stability, strength and power.  Below are three of my favorite exercises that we use with our fighters every week.

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Burpee Finishers for MMA Fitness and Conditioning: How to Use Burpee Finishers In Your Fighter Training Sessions

What Are Finishers
Finishers are short body weight or single piece of equipment only, 3–10 minute routines at the end of each workout or training session. You can use them after training your MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling or Combat Athletes.
Use Finishers no more than twice a week after your combat sport training session, workout or cardio.

Benefits of Burpees
The burpee is the “Ultimate Metabolic Bodyweight Exercise”.
This compound exercise works almost every muscle in the body in one short sequence of movements. The heart and lungs are tested to the max as well.
A set of burpees will force the athlete to work far above their capacity to take in, transport and utilize oxygen and, subsequently, their anaerobic conditioning will improve.
You can train muscular endurance, cardio, explosiveness, speed and agility, coordination, change of levels, mental toughness

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What kind of fitness and conditioning does it take to be an MMA athlete?

99% of the time we see the intense brutal workouts that MMA athletes go through.  Some examples are sandbags, tires, kettlebells, bands, etc.  Don’t get me wrong I know all these are most definitely essential tools in developing the most complete athlete known in any sport, but it is important to know that I don’t care how tough you are or how good you are, YOU ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THE WEAKEST LINK!

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The Ultimate Burpee Finisher for MMA Training


If there is one workout protocol that all MMA coaches should add to their toolbox, it’s the Finisher. A Finisher is a short 3-10 minute routine that you add to the end of a training session, You can use them after MMA, Muay Thai BJJ, Wrestling, Combat Sport training and even a regular gym workout.

The goal of a finisher is to drain the tank of your fighters. To take the last bit of energy they have left and leave it in the gym, to challenge them both physically and mentally.
Finishers can be used with bodyweight exercises, Farmer walks, tabatas, density training with a piece of equipment and even burnouts.

BEST TIMES TO USE FINISHER – you can use Finishers after main training session, sparring session.
Use Finishers no more than twice a week after training session to avoid overtraining.

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Fads or trends? Cynics or innovators? Fitness for MMA

Fads or trends? Cynics or innovators? It can definitely be difficult to distinguish at times. Especially true when you consider the constant bombardment of marketing and information that comes through the fitness and performance industry. Possibly no implement and training system has come under more debate than sandbag training.

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